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Beginners FAQ’s of getting fit

With the festive season in full swing you may already be looking to
preemptively take some of that food-guilt away with a bit of healthy
exercise. Lots of people feel like this but are unsure on how to get
the best out their work out time and take to the internet in search of

If you look on YouTube you’ll find scores of self proclaimed
fitness gurus with their fitness model bodies and bags of enthusiasm
but at the end of the video you’ll often be asked to subscribe to this
or buy that and it can often undermine the message of the entire
video, leaving you wondering whether your fitness is their priority or
whether they just want your money.

Not to say that these aren’t
effective ways to lose a few but before you splash out, here are a few
tings to consider.

First you need to figure out what it is you want out of your .
Fulfill a new years resolution? Get slimmer for summer? Build muscle?
Work away the festive fooding? Or do you just want to be healthier?
Whatever your answer, tailor your regime (and diet if necessary) to
align with your goal.

There’s no point in just doing cardio if you
want to be more muscular, for example. Now you know what type of
exercise you’re doing and you’ve got your goal in mind, you want to
have some kind of schedule. The key to maintaining your new healthy
lifestyle is to fit it in with your other daily activities and

This can be done with relative ease, for example use your
commute as a way to by riding your bike to and from work,
or doing a 20 minute home work out before your morning shower. This is
perhaps the most important aspect in this list as it will help you to
keep you on track and it means that you’re less likely to give up 2
weeks in.

Another frequently asked question when on the topic of health and
fitness is “do I need a gym membership to get in shape?” and the short
answer is no. There’s no doubt that gym memberships can motivate some
people hugely to get regular exercise and there are many pros to doing
so. However, when you consider that 80% of people who joined a gym in
January of 2012 quit within 5 months it’s clear that, for the
majority, this isn’t a sustainable way of getting regular exercise.

This is probably because while your motivation is high in
January/February having just made a New Years resolution to get fit,
it doesn’t take long for all of those ‘new year new me’ thoughts to
dissipate and be replaced by ‘I’m too busy’ or ‘I’ll go tomorrow
instead’. Also, the financial side. For the same price as a couple
months of gym membership you would be just as well getting some
dumbbells and running shoes. Lifting free weights and cardio is what
most people do at the gym anyway, and with free work out routines and
video tutorials all over the internet you’d be better off for just
doing a daily/weekly workout from home.

Another great way to get active regularly is participation sports.
Thousands of people in the UK are involved in Sunday league
football/weekly badminton meet ups with friends. A great way to make
sure you keep at it is to have accountability with other participants
as it serves as motivation to not miss out.

You’re not just doing it
for yourself, you’re doing it for them too! It can be a great way to
meet people and build friendships as well, so you can combine your
social time with exercise.

Overall, it’s not hugely important what you do, just do something
before you lose that motivation! For many people it happens all too
often that you decide you want to get in shape and spend too long
trying to work out the most effective way to get fit or what to buy.

As soon as you feel the urge, get stretching, get your trainers out
from their hiding place and go for a jog or do some sit ups. Anything
is great when you’re starting out because as soon as you get that post
work out feel good rush you’ll want to do it again, whereas if you
spend too long planning a well thought out routine and dietary plan
you’ll lose interest before breaking a sweat.

Start, then alter your
routine as you get into the swing of exercising regularly.


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