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A former Royal Marine Commando and Army Reserve PTI, Steff takes his own fitness and health seriously , A REP’S registered Personal trainer and nutritional adviser with over 10 years experience, he has trained people from all walks of life to help them achieve their goals with a keen interest in body building and Nutrition. Steff has the passion and the determination to get people to where they want to be fitness wise, Steff makes it his personal mission and takes great pride in always be available to help and advise his clients should this be via phone,email or any other means, Steff takes an immense amount of pride in helping others to reach their goals.
Steffan Harris
Lead Personal Trainer, Level 3 Advanced
Edi has started her fitness journey about 10 years ago training regularly in the gym to keep fit and get into shape. In a very short while fitness and keeping fit in general become her passion and her lifestyle so decided to share her experience and become a qualified level 3 personal trainer along side being a qualified spinning instructor, boxercise trainer and gained a qualification of circuit training. She believes that your body will go where your mind push it so she hardly takes no for an answer. Her main focus is weight loss and body shaping when she trains her clients but she also enjoys training along side with anyone who wants to get prepared for a 10k race or other endurance courses. She loves teaching group exercise classes like spinning, circuit, cardio blast and HIIT where she can highly motivate people and brings out the best in everyone who wants to get fit, achieve their desired fitness goals or generally wish to live a healthier and happier life.
Personal Trainer, Level 3
Harry is a former RCM in the Household Cavalry. During his 22 years’ service he began to run marathons. He has  completed over 40 full marathons,  and 5 years ago became interested in extreme running. Since then he has completed a number of ultra-marathons and desert races of up to 150 miles over 7 days. He came to personal fitness training quite late in life, qualifying  at the age of 61. He gets a lot of satisfaction from helping people improve their fitness levels. He has  worked with groups and individuals since he qualified and has also trained a number of clients to run marathons.
Personal Trainer, Level 3
Samy is a highly professional and motivated Personal Trainer with a range of qualifications achieved over the last 10 years of training. Sofiane can help support and guide you to achieve your goals, ranging from weight loss to body shaping, by helping you to achieve the right attitude and discipline through your training sessions. - Functional Movement - Nutrition Advisor - Specialises in weight/fat loss - Body shaping/building
Sofiane Lazouguene
Personal Trainer, Level 3
It is true that each individual's approach to healthy living is as unique as that individual themselves. However, a universally agreed fact is the importance of a proper nutritional foundation to this lifestyle. Sam will bring you right up to speed with the latest techniques from the world of nutritional science . Looking forward to working with you to achieve YOUR nutritional goals – Sam B.
Sam Barrel
Personal Trainer, Level 3
A current serving member of the House hold cavalry with 12 years experience under his belt and 7 years experience as a PTI and nutritional adviser. Jason has trained and tested many soldiers robustness in many different situations. Jason is extreamly motivated and keen in every aspect of fitness Jason's personal interests include Olympic lifting, Fitness physique building and Cross fit training, he has compeated in many compertitions and currently still does. Jason has the determination and dedication to help you put 100% into your training routine as he does into his own training.
Jason Shaw
Personal Trainer Level 3
Dom has huge amounts of energy, as well as a wide range of interests and qualifications. She persistently pursues her goals encouraging everyone around to do the same. Her professional and creative approach to training will help you achieve your goals! Dom creates a world in which exercising is more than just a physical activity - it's a way of life where everyone loves themselves and takes care of the body and mind. As a personal trainer as well as her personal life,  she combines training with an appropriate diet, which is tailored to each individual so that it is healthy, effective and tasty! Dom is constantly improving, currently studying nutrition and sports science at Kingston University, wishing to finally become a physiotherapist and apply her knowledge and attention to health-related aspects of training.
Personal Trainer, Level 3
Ed has been qualified with the most up to date and recent knowledge and practical skills of the level 2 and level 3 personal training diploma.He also use to compete in crossfit competitions and this is where he found his love for fitness. Ed now focus on functional body building this basically meaning Ed helps his clients not only to reach there goals but tries to help rid them of pains and aches aswell as prevent them from obtaining them in the first place.Ed wants his sessions to be seen not only as a great physical benefit but also a great mental benefit a time to relax have a laugh while gaining muscle loosing fat or just improving the cardiovascular system.
Personal Trainer Level 3