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How to stay healthy at Uni

This coming September, as many Septembers before it, teary parents will be saying goodbye to their 18 year olds, sending them off to university; with words of wisdom like “don’t forget to shower” and “make sure you eat”. You see they want their children to stay healthy while studying. And many students, surprisingly, want that too. But how, after being under the wings of your parents your entire life, do you stay in shape and eat right?

It’s no secret that the student diet consists largely of cheap beer and 3am kebabs, but what if there was another way? A way to enjoy your time and not become overweight. The next four hundred or so words will attempt to offer a solution.

Firstly, plan your meals. At the age of 18 you don’t want to think about much, let alone plan ahead so this idea may come as a shock. If you want to keep healthy then the best way to eat right is to minimize the probability of failure, and that’s not failure to keep to a strict diet, just some guidelines by which you should keep if you want to be healthy while at Uni. So when it comes to planning your meals it starts with your food shopping (something else that will seem hugely foreign to barely-adult Freshers). It’s simple, if you don’t buy unhealthy food then you won’t eat it. As obvious as this may seem you’d be surprised what a difference it can make to your eating habits.

Buy in some healthy snacks. This again comes under food shopping. If you buy healthy snacks for when you’re hungry between meals then it’s going to reduce the likelihood of bad gastronomic decisions taking place, like reaching for the pizza delivery menu. This can include things like hummus and carrot sticks or fruit smoothies. Something to be aware of when buying said healthy snacks is to check that they’re actually healthy, don’t take the adverts word for it! For example some convenience meals that are marketed as healthy rice pouches had to later release health warnings telling customers not to eat more than two a week due to the high levels of salt.

Join a gym. Again, obvious but effective. The reason that a lot of teens don’t go to gyms while in school is that they think people they know will see them or that their friends don’t go, or even that their friends are ahead of them in terms of fitness and they don’t like the idea of starting from behind etc etc. But if you use Uni as a new start, as many others do, it’s a great time to sign up. You won’t see anyone you know for one and loads of newcomers start the gym when they first start uni so it’s a great way to meet people too!

Sports societies. This is by far the best way to get regular physical fitness classes exercise. As I’ve said many times before in fitness posts there is nothing that will keep you most honest in your search for fitness than participation sports. And sport societies are a great way to get involved, exercise and make friends! Also, with a lot of them costing only £40-£50 a year they’re great in terms of value for money.


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