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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions must be agreed before continuing to sign up for any of our services. Members should always discuss and get their training goals with their family doctor when returning to or beginning exercise as well as before changing any dietary routines.  Always train with a partner and never alone. 


All Trainer delivered sessions are paid for as a one off total payment. PT Subscription service Is a Trainer delivered service with a single weekly one to one session. 24hr notice must be messaged via email to prior to any training session rescheduling. When clients confirm their purchase you are agreeing to having read and understood all’s terms and conditions.
Any payment to must be made by the card owner and at least 18 years of age.
All clients requiring the online service should be aware that they may already need to be members of a gym in which to train and that any training programmes are bought have no effect on their gym agreement or price plan.
Clients choosing to pay by Direct Debit should be aware that there is a minimum term of 3 monthly payments. A minimum of one month advanced notice must be given to via E-mail only to before cancellation.
If A Direct Debit is returned by your bank unpaid we have the right under BACS regulations to re-present a request for this payment within the month of the original charge.

Money back guarantee

A 72 hour period is given to all clients purchasing any 10 pack personal training sessions. After this period or if Personal training sessions have been delivered no refunds will be given. A 24 hour period in which to claim a full refund is given to clients requiring either Top up sessions or a Gift Pack. After the payment has been received there will be a 24 hour period on our PT Subscription training services in which a full refund may be claimed. Once the 24 hour period is passed and work has begun on designing the training programme no refund will be given.

Change in personal details

As a valued member to we would like to keep you informed of any offers we maybe advertising to our clients so please inform us of any change to your contact and payment details.


Prices may be reviewed during the course of a 12 month period, therefore prices may change, however this will not effect your current agreement it may however effect any future purchases or renewals.


As A valued member to we hope that you join our social website as well as our blog site which can be found on our home page at We aim to have a good fun interesting community to help encourage and motivate each other in-between training sessions. When using these sites please have respect for others that maybe using them and please reframe from using harsh or derogative language or posting messages that some people may find offensive. Any posts consider intimidating or in breech of our code of conduct will be removed and may have their account banned from posting. In extreme cases authorities will be informed.
We asked our members to not mention/advertise/criticise other Personal Training companies, also we ask members to pay the proper Protocol with regards to Personal Data such as Account Details, Home address and not post this sort of information on any of our sites.


For all enquiries on our services please contact us on 07534 544822 or contact us through our home page or on our membership page Some of our services including PT online Yoga and Pilates will require additional applications to be purchased/downloaded to your mobile devices.  Please ensure you have enough mobile storage space as well as having the latest update and a fast enough broadband service before committing to the service.

Physical Training recommends clients consult their family GP and inform them of your training intentions before they begin personal training. A Par Q and fitness assessment will always be carried out to all first time clients and for returning clients who have not trained with in an extended period of time so as the Personal Trainer can design an effective training programme for the clients level.
All sessions must be used with in a 3 month time period from purchase. Any sessions outstanding from this time will be expired. If any sessions that are delivered by the trainer outside of this time is an agreement between the client and trainer only of which is not responsible.
Clients who purchase the home package are informing that their home has sufficient space and is a safe enough environment in which to train. Training sessions are designed specifically for the client, therefore training session may not be delivered to anyone other than the intended client. If a client needs to reschedule an arranged training session the client must give a minimum of 24 hours notice of the cancellation or the session will be forfeited but the client will still be charged. If the Trainer needs to cancel an appointment, the trainer must give the client at least 24 hours notice, any less and the trainer will reschedule the missed appointment and also deliver the client a new session at the trainers expense

Online Personal Training

As can not offer a one to one Par Q or health check to online members we strongly recommend clients speak with their family GP and inform them of their physical intentions before purchasing any online personal training packages. By purchasing an online training package the client is informing that they have successfully passed a health check by their GP and in good health to begin training. We also recommend personal insurance to all our clients or to check their gyms insurance coverage before training. Due to the programmes being designed for an individual from information provided we require 7 days from purchase to send clients their training programme.
Although always recommends training with a partner/spotter we strongly recommend not sharing your programme as it is designed only with the client in mind and the needs of the spotter may differ to that of the client even if the goals maybe the same. In extreme cases clients sharing their tailored training programme with others may lead to injury if their partner is not at the same level of fitness. Members of this service should always read through the training programme exercises and not attempt any training unless completely confident they can carry out the exercise correctly and are familiar with all pieces of equipment listed. Every session should be carried out in a well lit environment and in A safe manor. Any changes to nutrition regarding daily calorie intake should always be discussed with a dietitian or a qualified medical professional before making any changes especially if on any medication.

Personal injury, illness and death

All Evolve PTUK members are required to consult their family doctor prior to training to discuss their goals.  By clicking agree and becoming a member you are confirming that you have done this and been cleared for exercise.  Evolve PTUK instructors are not permitted to give out specific Nutrional advice but are able to advice when it comes to total daily calories intake, however before any dietary changes are made all members are required to discuss any changes with a nutritionist or a qualified medical professional.

Data protection

Sports and leisure management LTD is a data controller under the Data Protection Act. We hold information for the purpose specified in our notification made to the information commissioner.
We may get information about you from others, or may give information to them. If we do it will be as the law permits to check accuracy of information to prevent or detect a crime and protect public funds.
We may check information we receive about you with what is already on our records. This may include information provided by you as well as others such as government department and agencies. We will not give information about you to anyone outside sports and leisure management LTD unless the law permits us to do so.

Rolling monthly direct debit payment

Rolling monthly direct debit payment will be taken on the first working day of each month and will continue for a minimum of three monthly payments. A minimum of 30 days notice will need to be given via email to should you wish to cancel.

Term payment options

3 and 6 month payments will automatically run out at the end of the period. Renewals will need to be made manually by the member. Term payment membership allows clients to train as often as they like.

Suspending membership

Sometimes life just gets in the way of training and we understand this. IF you do need to suspend membership please email us with the reasons at

-Reasons for suspension of membership
Redundancy, any medical condition which prevents you from attending the venue, pregnancy.

Reasons to cancel before minimum term

Medical grounds that permit you from attending and attending personal training sessions.

Reasons for ban

We reserve the right to ban members attending for the following

– You allow other people to use your membership.
– Regular disruption of classes
– Verbal or physical assault on other members or instructors
– Training under the influence of alcohol or drugs
– Breaking terms and conditions

Bans will result with immediate effect and no refund will be given. In severe cases the police maybe informed.

Missed membership payment

Missed membership payment will result in a one off £15.00 fee and an additional £30.00 fee if we refer to a debt collector agency.

Joining Fees

There are no joining fees. It’s free to join, we appreciate your custom.

Our responsibility to you

If you feel unwell or injure yourself during a training session you must stop and alert an instructor immediately so as we may assist you.
Member possessions will be carried by a Evolve PTUK instructor at all times in a valuables bag during training sessions. However instructors are not responsible for the damage, loss or theft of any items during training. Members vehicles and any belongings that maybe inside them parked at an Evolve PTUK venue are not the responsibility of Evolve PTUK.
Our instructors are 100% committed to getting you to your goals and advising anyway they can however instructors are not permitted to giving and nutritional advice to members due to considerations such as allergies to foods which instructors may not be aware of.
Services such as Personal training are also available from our instructors. Bookings should be made through EvolvePTUK so as to get the full service.

Fee changes

We review our membership fees regularly and will give no less than 30 days notice if they change. Fees will not exceed vat rises and will be used to cover costs and instructor fees.

Changes to terms and conditions

The service is property to South Design LTD and protected by intellectual property laws and international property treaties.  The user is aware the service app will store personal details regarding the client's workout.  Your access to the online personal training service app is licenced and not sold.  Subject to the timely payment of all fees.

User Agreement Restrictions

You agree to maintain the security to your user identification, password and other confidential information relating to your online online personal training service account. Be solely responsible for the security, confidentiality and integrity of all messages and the content that you receive, transmit through or store on the device.  Be responsible for all charges resulting from the use of your online personal training account including unauthorised use prior to your notifying us through email and taking steps to prevent it's further occurrence by changing your password.   All Online Personal Training clients are required to consult their family doctor or qualified medical professional prior to training and by continuing with signing up to the service you are confirming you have been cleared to train by your family doctor or qualified medical professional.  Before changing any dietary habits all members are also required to either contact a dietitian or qualified medical professional.

User Representations

You represent and warrant to Evolve PTUK that you are 18 years or over and have the power of authority to enter into and perform your obligation under the agreement and that all is accurate, truthful, complete and up to date.
You are the authorised signatory of the credit card or payment method being used for the transaction for the service provided by Evolve PTUK and representative instructors.  You shall comply with all terms and conditions of the agreement and that you have provided accurate and complete information including, without limitation your legal name, address and telephone number.  You agree to be financially responsible for your use of the respective service(s) provided by Evolve PTUK (as well as for the use of account by others including minors living with you) and comply with all responsibilities and obligations as stated in this agreement.


You acknowledge and agree that from time to time the service may be inaccessible or inoperable for any reason including without limitation, equipment malfunction, periodic maintenance procedures including repairs which may undertake from time to time or causes beyond control of Evolve PTUK or which are not reasonably foreseeable.


The information presented or contained in the app or provided through the service presented for the purpose of enabling Evolve PTUK instructors to deliver the best possible service to it's customers and for educating it's instructors on fitness, general health and relating to issues and topics.  Training programs designed are solely for the use of the account holder and not for a third party.  Any prescribed exercises are to assist clients to reach their goals and not intended to be used as instruction for medical treatment or diagnosis. Any individual suspecting injury or illness should consult and only act on the advice given by a physician or other qualified healthcare provider.
Information obtained is not exhaustive and does not cover diseases, ailments, physical conditions or their treatment.  You should never disregard advice or delay seeking it because of anything you may have read or any of our articles.  Individuals should not commence any changes to their diet program without seeking advice from a qualified nutritionist or doctor.  Individuals should never train alone.

Free Online Yoga Classes  Parents and Kids Online Yoga Agreement:Although every reasonable precaution is taken to deliver a fun yet safe Online Yoga service.  Parents/legal guardians are fully responsible for any of their household members including any external guest's safety and physical limitations and no responsibility is that of the Online instructors.  There is absolutely no requirement for children to be on camera if the parent/guardian would rather their child not be seen and recordings of any session in part or full is strictly forbidden as the service is aimed to help parents and children deal with the stressful challenges of lockdown.  The online Yoga instructor also holds the right to refuse/ban/remove any guest for any reason at any moment for offences including use of what is considered inappropriate language, attire or behavier by the instructor without warning.  Class access is and always will be subject to avalibility.  Before joinoing any of our online classes including Yoga it is reccomended that you speak to your family GP regarding your and your childs fitness intentions and by continuing you are informing us that you and your child are both physicaly fit and able to partake. 


The account user shall be solely responsible for providing, maintaining and ensuring compatibility with the service, all hardware, software, electronical and other physical equipment and requirements for your use of service, including without limitation, telecommunications and internet access connections and links, web browser or other equipment, programs and services required to access and use the service.

We may change our terms and conditions. If this happens we will notify you with no less than 30 days notice prior to doing so.

Please contact us at if you require more information.