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New years health and fitness resolutions done right

So New Years has once again rolled around quicker than expected and by now most of us are back at work or various educational institutions and have found ourselves surrounded by all of those “New Year, new me” folks that are preaching to you about their audacious resolutions of eating nothing but white meat and brown rice and running three half marathons a week. And if you’re anything like the rest of us you’re probably thinking “What resolutions should I set for myself?” and “How big do I go?”. The answer is small.

That isn’t a bad thing and here’s why. Rather than making the same mistake as your co-workers (and maybe your previous selves of New Years gone by) don’t set an impossible goal. As pessimistic as it may sound, you don’t want to set yourself up to fail and fall of the wagon midway through February as has happened so many times before. Keep it achievable and you’ll stay motivated and you can always add on more or up the intensity later on. With that in mind, here are a few more tips and ideas that could lead you to making your best health related resolutions yet!

Don’t follow the crowd. New Years resolutions should be personal to you, especially health related ones, remember that. You’re doing this for you and your body so make it something that you want to do! If going to the gym five times a week isn’t your cup of tea then don’t be afraid to switch it up and do something less traditional because as I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts the numbers don’t always support the gym route and it’s not for everyone. Maybe jogging alongside the dog instead of walking would suit you better, it’s a small change but it’s definitely one for the better and that’s the important part!

Take your time. There’s no shame in starting a little late, even if it takes a week or two to get it down make sure to choose the right thing for you. There’s no point in rushing into a 6 month Weight Watchers subscription to realise two weeks in that you actually wanted to do a Dance class. It could turn out to be a waste of money and time and it will damage your motivation and self image to have to quit something and start another. That being said don’t wait too long or it may never get done, it’s all about finding a balance.

Make your new years resolution fit in with your life and align with your goals. What I mean by this is; say for example the combination of your nine to five and poor sleeping pattern leads you to exhaustion and laziness causing you to binge watching Netflix well into the early hours with 3 packs of Doritos and a 2 litre bottle of Coca-Cola. The best thing for your health may not be to go for an intense workout regime right off the bat.

Look to identify and fix the problem rather than adding to your stress with an unreachable goal. Maybe make your health goal to go to bed before midnight and replace some of that T.V time for an evening jog which will also help with your sleep. The more attainable your goals the more likely you are to progress. It’s better to set a small target and achieve it than set an impossible one and end up going backwards. And like I said before you can always add to your resolutions throughout the year!

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