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Our Goal

Whether you are looking to bulk up, tone up, lose some unwanted belly fat or just improve you fitness, Evolve PTUK’s goal is to get you to yours.

Evolve PTUK understands that although two people may have the same long term goal, they may not share the same interests in getting there, which is why we provide a tailored training approach and not a generic one program fits all approach.

Whether you require a delivered training service or an online personal training program we will always consider your exercise likes and dislikes, after all we want you to succeed in getting to your goal and believe you will be more committed as well as more likely to succeed in a program you enjoy training to, we want you to look forward to your next training day not dread it even during those more challenging training sessions.

Those considering the online training service should be aware that only the fully committed and self motivated need apply as a trainer will not be there to motivate you to push out that last rep.  At least 3 days spread over the course of the week should have adequate time set aside for training.

At Evolve PTUK We do not believe in dieting just eating a healthy balanced diet on a daily basis that matches your fitness goals.
Time is always a factor in people’s lives may it be due to family  or work commitments and as a result it can leave many of us who would like to train very little time. Which is why our home service you may find worth considering. As a mobile company we are able to train clients in the comfort of their own home or garden at a time that is convenient for them.

This is also a fantastic opportunity for your trainer to get a first hand look at the clients life style and food consumption to help them achieve their goals.