Personal Training

What is It?

The Personal training service is a 1 to 1 or train with a partner premium service and offers the Instructor an unrivaled insight into the client’s life style and exercise routine.

This service provides the trainer the ability for a personal look at the client to see their individual strengths to help maximize the time spent training together to get the client the results they are looking for.

Both the One to One and the Partner based service will include a pack of ten one hour sessions, on spot nutritional and physical training advice as well as a realistic food program designed around your lifestyle and training requirements.

Who Is It For?

Our Personal training service is for anyone who is committed and determined to improve their personal fitness and well being as well as for anyone looking to loose or gain mass.  This is achieved in addition to the Personal Trainer delivered sessions with tailored training and food programs.

The first session will involve a basic fitness test. This will help your trainer find out your level of fitness, which will assist delivering a goal specific training session that will keep you progressing through the training periods together.

A Range of movement test will also be conducted that will help the trainer spot any tightness or muscle imbalance that may need attention. Together you and your trainer will find out your BMI (Body Mass Index) and your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), all of which will help the PT get the best results for you.

Benefits of Personal Training

Our highly professional staff are committed to getting our clients to their personal goals using training programs designed to an individual’s specific requirements and to what their body type and lifestyle demands are.
We also sit and plan a realistic food program with our clients which will be realistic, achievable and will NOT require them to go on some Hardcore Diet. All Personal Training packages include Boot Camp classes.
All current clients on the Home and Outdoor service are also invited to join the Evolve PTUK Facebook Community where clients are given the opportunity speak to an Evolve PTUK trainer with reference their training and any dietary advice.

Personal Fitness for One Person

Face to Face Professional Fitness & Nutrition Consultation for One Person..

Personal Fitness For You and Your Partner

Face to Face Professional Fitness & Nutrition Consultation for You & Your Partner