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PT Subscription

Premium Monthly Personal Subscription

Our premium Personal Training service is now even more accessible, offering all our members and new joiners even more flexible payment options and giving more people the best opportunity to achieve their most ambitious goals.

Service includes: 1 day Personal Training per week. One to one sessions only.

Term: Minimum 3 Months with 30 days notice given to Pryor to any cancellation.


Hardcore Training Plan

3 or 6 month Personal Training plan set only for the most hardcore, determined and committed individuals who will stop and nothing to succeed and have no external commitments that may interfere with their training.

Clients will receive 10 training session per calendar month as well as a personalised food program.  Due to the large volume of session any unused session for the month will expire so check the calendar before buying.



PT Monthly Subscription
£175 p/m
Continues Monthly Subscription
*Includes Boot Camp
Hardcore Option 1
£1,020.00 one off
3 Month Plan
10 sessions per month
*Total saving £30.00
Hardcore Option 2
£2,010.00 one off
6 Month Plan
10 sessions per month
*Total saving £90.00


Please read all terms and conditions before purchasing. Purchasing a service means that the client has read, understood and agrees to all terms and conditions